"Cut & Sew" Masterclass

This masterclass was designed for the beginning designer and seasoned sewist. You don't have to immediately outsource the production for your product. Learn how to make your sewn product in-house and build a small team to help you. 

Our Cut & Sew Masterclass offers a thorough overview of the industrial sewing machine, sewing techniques for precise seams using guidelines and other tools, reading and interpreting patterns, handling and cutting fabric, and much, much more! The case study project will be a backpack. We will show you how to complete your pattern card and spec sheet, source fabrics and trimmings, and some basic production math. All materials are provided for this masterclass.

Industrial Sewing Machine Included!


Upgrade your production efficiency with our cutting-edge industrial sewing machine! Unleash precision and speed for your textile projects. Built for durability and performance, this machine is a game-changer for your business. Invest in quality, invest in productivity.

Meet the Instructor


Day 1: All About The Machine

  1. Introduction to the industrial sewing machine 
  2. Thread and needle combination
  3. Winding a bobbin
  4. Threading the machine
  5. Tension
  6. Practice sewing stitches on various fabric types
  7. Straight stitching and seam finishes
  8. Proper care and maintenance of sewing machines
  9. Troubleshooting common machine issues.

Day 2: Patterns and Fabric Cutting

  1. Patterns and why we need them
  2. How to read and interpret patterns
  3. Pattern and fabric layout
  4. Fabric Cutting
  5. Types of fabrics (woven vs knit)
  6. Fabric weights in GSM and Ounces
  7. Prepping project to start sewing

Day 3: Start Production

  1. Production worksheet
  2. Project Assembly
  3. Step-by-step project assembly processes
  4. Webbing Closure
  5. Flap
  6. What is bias tape and what is it used for?
  7. Interfacing and different types of interfacing
  8. Pockets

Day 4: Assembly Made Easy

  1. Continue Assembly
  2. Making and attaching back Straps
  3. Attaching Handles

Day 5: Zippers and Lining

  1. Making the zipper gusset
  2. Topstitching 
  3. Lining
  4. Assemble body and lining

Day 6: Quality Control

  1. Quality Control
  2. Identifying and rectifying sewing defects.
  3. Ensuring precision and accuracy in sewing.
  4. Using data from production worksheets to calculate labor time, costs, and areas of improvement for faster production.

Day 7: The final is near

  1. Final Product Inspection
  2. Techniques for inspecting finished garments
  3. Meeting quality standards and customer requirements
  4. Team Collaboration: working efficiently as part of a sewing team
  5. Creating a team based on production worksheet and delegating tasks such as cutting, interfacing, etc

Day 8: All other aspects to sewing

  1. Understanding the impact of sewing on the environment.
  2. Implementing sustainable and ethical sewing practices.
  3. Safety in the sewing environment
  4. Understanding and following safety protocols
  5. Continuous Improvement: identifying areas for improvement in sewing processes
  6. Staying updated on new sewing techniques and technologies
  7. Ethical and sustainable sewing practices

Note: This curriculum can be adjusted based on the specific needs and processes of the sewing company.


Where are classes held?

We are located on the southside of Richmond. The address is 716 Richmond Highway Studio 8025, Richmond, VA 23224.

When will I receive my industrial sewing machine?

All classes included our powerful, industrial sewing machine. While in class, you will be working from the exact machine we ordered for you. Please allow 30 days to receive your machine. Assembly is required!

How many people will be in each class?

There will only be 2 people in each class.

What about a refund?

Please be absolutely sure that you can attend class. There are no refunds.

I have never used a sewing machine or sewed a project. Can I still take this masterclass?

Yes! Our classes are small and each person gets the dedicated time to learn this skill. You may take this class even if you are a novice sewer.

What happens after I purchase a masterclass?

You will receive a registration email after you make your purchase.

I really want to take this masterclass but the dates don’t fit my schedule. What can I do?

Email us at info@laurianda.com with your availability. We can try to work something out, but there’s no guarantee.

Shelly Shephard Master Teacher Award 2024

The Shelly Shepherd Master Teacher Award goes to an instructor each year who exemplifies the organization’s mission through their excellence, creativity and dedication to their students. To be considered for this award, the teacher must also meet the following criteria:

  • Over 5 years in the teaching profession, including a minimum of four seasons of teaching at VisArts
  • Demonstrated achievement or recognition in their respective art field
  • Teaching style and attitude that reflect the values and mission of VisArts
  • A willingness and ability to meet students’ individual and varied needs
  • Must have not won the Master Teacher Award in any previous year

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