Our Story

One day someone will say, "I would have never advanced myself in skill development if it were not for her Artisan Project."

For over 15 years, I've made a living as a seamstress and heard countless feedback regarding fitting issues my clients have when purchasing off-the-rack.

From “ I hate shopping because nothing fits” to “I always get this dreadful gap in my waistband.”

I wanted to give them all the benefits of custom-made with the convenience of off-the-rack.


The Perfect Assistant is a new shapewear design with a powerful, tummy-slimming cinch, hand-tailored and impossibly comfortable.

The patent-pending waistband design houses a secret waist shaper made with channels of steel boning.

When it is zipped, the waistband grips and cinched the waist, creating a firm yet comfortable hold and an A-Line silhouette.

My product caters to women with a non-commercial body type such as a small waist with wide hips or shoe torso with an undefined waistline. They currently wear some type of shapewear to smooth out any bumps or bulges creating a more toned appearance. They choose to wear shapewear to enhance their confidence and feel more comfortable in their outfits.

It’s the garment!

Most women think it’s them. I'm here to tell them, it's not! It's the garment. The body type that brands have catered to, both from marketing and design perspectives, is now outdated. When we look to the future of fashion, the need for a better fit is a foregone conclusion and I want to introduce an innovative product that combines the convenience and functionality of shapewear with a designer skirt.

Shelly Shepard Master Teacher Award

“Something in the Water” Pitch Competition